Our Services


We understand that maintaining a home takes time and energy away from your life and family. With S.G. Roofing and Restoration, you can leave the stress and worry of repairing your roof behind so you can focus on the things you love most. Our experienced team has been serving homeowners with integrity and consistency for many years.

Upon choosing S.G. Roofing and Restoration you will receive superiority in service and workmanship with our specialized crews that are uniquely qualified for roof replacement. We pride ourselves on our integrity and expertise and will install a new roof using high-quality materials that should last for decades.

We will ensure that you are comfortably and consistently informed throughout the replacement process in addition, we will provide the utmost attention to detail and safety for you and your family.

S.G. Roofing & Restoration is a fully licensed and insured Roofing & Restoration company.

  • Warranties provided on every roof installed.

Storm Damage

Impacted by Severe Weather and Need help?

Right after a major storm or disaster can be a very frustrating and stressful time for homeowners and we are here to help! We will come out and assess the damage, go over all options with you, and provide you with a repair/replacement estimate. We will do our best to put your mind at ease and come up with a plan that best suits your needs. Contact us today (800.979.1554) and allow us to help ensure that the investment you made in your home is protected.

S.G Roofing & Restoration’s Quick Reference Guide to a fast and easy roof repair/ replacement:

  • Step 1: Contact us at 1-800-979-1554 to schedule a time/day to meet with one of our experienced representatives.
  • Step 2: At the time of the appointment, you will receive a free storm damage inspection of your roof.
  • Step 3: You will be guided through any/all options you have (or need) to repair the damage.
  • Step 4: If you decide to file a claim for your roof, once your insurance company approves your claim, they will send you their estimate and they will issue an initial payment.
  • Step 5: We will discuss and explain our bid for repair of the property with you and your insurance company.
  • Step 6: We will finalize a detailed work order/contract based on your material selection.
  • Step 7: We will schedule a date for the renovations to commence.
  • Step 8: We will complete any/all repairs or replacement of your roof.
  • Step 9: We will prepare the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company to recover any remaining payments withheld until completion of the project.